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We evolve by supporting each other as we learn to allow the joyful expression
of our truest selves. 

The Collective

Join our Community of Empowered

Global Adventurers

The Collective is a community of kindred spirits coming together to hold space, support and inspire each other. We feel a calling to live a wildly authentic life, rich with presence and connection. 



Kindred Roots Collective

is comprised of intentional adventurers inspired to explore, engage and evolve. We all deserve to be seen, heard and encouraged as we share our stories. Find your belonging with your global tribe! By investing in yourself and attending retreats, taking courses or receiving mentorship you will be connected with others on the same path towards authentic living. Receive access to our private members only page, join our private facebook group, and remain connected with your village.




We feel a strong social responsibility to practice ethical business and to share in abundance. In our evolution and personal development, we also empower others to live authentically and to follow their dreams by investing in Kiva microloans. Your investment in yourself becomes an investment for someone else on their journey!

Become a part of something purposeful!